Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog

If you checked the website, you are aware that it is a marketing ploy to sell books. By now, you should know I have written four novels over the years, the first and last while living on the boat. Jeanne has also published her memoir for the four years of cruising, which is the funniest sailing adventure I’ve read. My characters are sailors or businessmen, the two things I feel qualified to write about.

The latest book involves a banker and a bank robber, both entirely fictional. While the events are genuine, I didn’t use half the bank robber stories I’m familiar with. If you read The Rich Man and the Thief, you may very well be offended by the bank robber’s language. I’d like to suggest that people who bring guns into places of business and point them at employees, threatening to kill them if they don’t give them money are not nice people. Typically, the robber uses the most vulgar, offensive language he knows to back the tellers away from the counter out of reach of alarm buttons. I remember well the lecture from my college creative writing professor regarding slang or profanity; the sign of a poor vocabulary and all. To his credit, he added, “Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that some things and people need damning.” Bank robbers are in that group.

About the books–needless to say, we hope to sell lots of them. Today most sales are through festivals where we set up with the Gulf Coast Authors group and through Amazon and Kindle. Numbers of you have read one or two of the books. We hope now to sell them directly to our friends online and will respond immediately to those who order here. Prices and a descriptive blurb appear in the website. If you want more than one book, discount the price fifteen percent. That’s a $12.38 savings if you buy all five. What a deal! Jeanne always points out it is not too soon to start Christmas shopping. Books will be mailed the day we receive the order. Looking forward to your comments here.

July 20, 2014

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